Down 4 So Long

You know how some songs about being bummed actually make you feel better? This is definitely one of those:


Navigating the digital ecosystem can be challenging, but now we have a handmade wooden puppet to serve as our guide. In British animator Doug Hindson’s two-and-a-half minute short, a nameless, faceless avatar asks the tough questions: How long before this kid is summing up his life in 140 characters? We won’t end up like that couple (that doesn’t speak at dinner), will we? Shouldn’t I be doing something more meaningful with my time?

The puppet comes up with some decent answers, too.

Mr. Secretary

What you missed if you missed last night’s State of the Union:

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Garbage Day!

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Martin Had A Dream

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Roast Battle

The roast is a sacred tradition for stand-up comedians – maybe a little too sacred. The form has essentially remained unchanged from the classic Friars Club roasts 60s and 70s to the more recent Comedy Central installments. But a group of comedians is taking the roast to new, ever more insulting places at the Comedy Store in Los Angeles.

Listen to very vulgar latest episode of sideshow:

We’re All Ears

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Chandler, Chandler, Chandler

Too Many Cooks was an amazing one-off that will never be topped, but dotflist is playing the long game. For six months, he’s been re-writing perfectly bizarre and personalized music for the opening credits of beloved TV shows, including Friends, Seinfeld, The Simpsons, and Doug. This body of work is weird internet at its best.

Well Wishes For A Monday