Throwing Soccer Shapes

Noticed on Wednesday that there were three sports-related posts in a row this week. Figured it’d be best to stretch it until Friday, when we usually dance, but this dude has got killer moves, so it works out.

Thanks, Jody!

The Tables Turn

Whip Your Colleagues Wednesday

Tennis season is over. Calendar summer is coming to an end. Back to work. If you can’t hang (or if you’ve ever wanted to gently pelt your co-workers with forehands), this is the video for you:

The Truth Will Set You Free

Thanks, Sean!

A Sk8er For All The H8ers

I Whip King Krule Back And Forth

On paper, none of this makes any sense. Willow Smith is the 13-year-old offspring of Will and Jada, who sings about her hair. King Krule is a 24-year-old delinquent from London who sings about working class anguish. So how did Smith end up covering Krule’s calling card, “Easy Easy“? We don’t know, but ignorance—at least in this case—is bliss.

Summer Isn’t Over And You’re Doing It Wrong

If you listen to one sideshow podcast this summer, make it the one that explores the essence of the season. Howard Kremer has a lot of bits, but the comedian lives by one of them: “Have a summah!” He also managed to build a comedy empire out of it. A few years ago, Kremer had an epiphany while on the beach in Los Angeles: there was nothing more important in life than making the most of the summer — which Kremer calls “summah” in honor of his native New Jersey. “There it is! That’s the crux of the debate!” he said. If you have to choose between work and adult responsibilities and enjoying a summer day, “I’m going to choose summah, and I’m going to tell people about it!”


Schools may say summer is over, but a few heroes reminded us the season is more a state of mind. One strapped a camera to his canine, removed his leash, and let the pup take us exactly where we long to go.

The GIF That Grieves

This summer will be remembered as a rough one. In between visits to the beach, we were buffeted with bad news, from Malaysia Flight 17 to Michael Brown to the rise of ISIS. Visual storyteller Christoph Neiman, who was also responsible for the best World Cup coverage we saw this summer, powerfully captured the season’s mixed emotions for The New Yorker.

That’s Our Djoker

Tonight is the men’s final of the US Open. For the first time since 2005, none of the Big Four will be competing for a Grand Slam title. That means no Federer, no Nadal, no Murray, and — most disappointing — no Novak Djokovic. He’ll be missed.