Bodega Cats In Their Own Words

Yes, there was basketball, there was public radio, but the best March Madness bracket may have been WNYC’s Bodega Cat Bracket. (Is there a bracket bracket yet? Probably, but it’s hard to Google. WNYC’s Bodega Cat Bracket would win.) It may have inspired a really great song, and now, the video: Bodega Cats In Their Own Words, or maybe the voices of their bodega owners:

You Had Me At Hello

Chromeo has a lot of friends in the right places. When the duo’s working on a new album, a lot of those friends seem to drop by, including Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig. The result is ‘Ezra’s Interlude’ and proof that you want this man to work on any of your future interludes:

Time Is A Flat Circus

Time Is A Flat Circus takes Rustin Cohle quotations from HBO’s True Detective and applies them to Family Circus cartoons. It’s the best thing the internet has given us this week.

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Summer Is Coming

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Realistic Mario

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Pump Up The Friday Jam With This American Apparel Model

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It Beats A Tote Bag

These Are A Few Of Our Favorite Things

Michael Jackson drops the puck for a game between the Vancouver Canucks and the Pittsburgh Penguins. Vancouver, 1984.

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New York’s Hottest Game Show Is…

Would You Like To Have Sex With Paul Rudd?

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Game On

Vinnie’s Pizza in Brooklyn is stoked for Game of Thrones.